Mediocrity Strikes!

Crappy Costumes
July 5, 2008, 11:44 pm
Filed under: Humor

Is there anything more painfully mediocre than a bad fancy-dress costume?

This costume for the little-known late 70s DC Comics Spiderman knock-off, “Saggy-skinned Sexually-ambiguous Human-Spider” suggests there just may not be.

Not only is this a terrible costume, but this picture actually appears in the online catalogue for a costume retailer… a costume retailer trying to sell costumes to people.

The whole scene says “creepy, skinny pedophile dressed as Spiderman tries to lure children to his secret dungeon” more than just “hey, look, it’s Spiderman”.

In exhibit B, we see a classic example of bad fancy-dress costume… the dancing Elmo of Hollywood Blvd.

Methinks in general it’s not too bad, considering the dude inside probably created the whole get-up by himself, but there’s a certain something about Elmo wearing a T-shirt without pants that creeps me out.

I know when I walk around the house in nothing but a shirt with my own face on it, I get some pretty strange looks from my family [not to mention any friends they have over], so for him to do it in public is just downright distasteful.


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hahahaha @ spiderman

Comment by Jen

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